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Are You Ready to Transform Your Business?

Are you running your business or professional practice? Or is it running you? It's easy to lose yourself in the process of building and expanding a business. You may find yourself doing fairly well, but not professionally fulfilled. Answer these questions to discover how the quality of your business measures up.

Choose the selection representing how true each of the following 10 statements are for you right now.

N = Not true for me
= Somewhat true for me
= True for me

    N S T
1. I have a clear vision for my business.
2. I have a rewarding life outside of work.
3. I attract and retain the best staff, clients, customers, suppliers.
4. I have a business success plan that I follow.
5. I have a strong, supportive professional network.
6. I stay ahead of adminstrative details and paper work.
7. I take care of myself -- my business doesn't get in the way of that priority.
8. I am proud of the impact my work and my business have on the world.
9. I have time and energy to develop and act on new ideas.
10. I am financially able to live the lifestyle I desire

Your Score


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