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Working with a coach is the best investment in yourself, and in your future, that you can make. We all have areas on which to work but inevitably other matters or influences draw our attention away from our goals. Not enough time, unclear about what to do first, interruptions, family obligations, demanding work schedules, avoidance, something else is more pressing or more important. Sound familiar? Choosing to work with a coach is the first step to putting your focus back onto those truly important (if not urgent ... yet) matters, areas that will put you clearly on track to living your best life.

Anyone can benefit from working with their own professional coach:

  • people who feel "stuck", unsure, overwhelmed about aspects of their life or work
  • people in career change or other personal transition or facing retirement
  • small business owners/entrepreneurs
  • managers
  • executives
  • sales professionals
  • corporations

Coaching can focus you in the following areas:

  • Career planning (values, mission, vision, planning)
  • Developing clarity and focus
  • Prioritizing actions and projects
  • Business planning, budgeting, and goal setting
  • Substantially increasing sales and/or filling a practice
  • Making key decisions
  • Designing strategies
  • Financial independence (debt reduction, budgeting)
  • Attracting clients
  • Integrating business and personal life - creating balance
  • Solving life challenges

A professional coach can provide you with:

  • a confidential sounding board for clarifying your vision, intention and goals
  • an objective champion to help you determine the best course of action to achieve your vision
  • a professional resource for information and idea generation/brainstorming
  • a consistent and ongoing support system
  • tools and techniques for overcoming the obstacles facing you
  • strategies for improving your communication skills
  • motivation when you are feeling blocked or stuck
  • stability in times of transition, such as job layoffs or life changes
  • time and life management strategies
  • structure during change
  • momentum to pull yourself out of inertia
  • a different perspective on your life or work
  • the skills to create and maintain a balanced life
  • the means for making better decisions faster and easier
  • focus
  • accountability
  • results

A professional coach is someone who:

  • holds you accountable for your actions, beliefs, thoughts and words
  • helps you get the results you want
  • gives you feedback and support while you take on big challenges
  • helps you clarify your values, vision and mission
  • helps you develop your assets and overcome your obstacles.

Contact Dark Horse Strategies for a complimentary coaching session to learn how our Coaching programs can benefit you and your organization. You’ll be amazed at the results!


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