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Assisting Employees to Thrive During Change

  • Be fair
  • Be visible and available
  • Use interactive feedback
  • Elicit solutions to problems from employees
  • Reinforce the need for the change
  • Encourage a collaborative attitude
  • Admit when you lack information
  • Clarify new roles and relationships "All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work." Calvin Coolidge
  • Prepare and support employees
  • Be prepared for the grieving process, it always occurs
  • Identify the workers that are experiencing losses and the specific losses
  • Appreciate the meaning of the loss for the employee
  • Recognize that employees resist the fear of the unknown, the losses, the endings, and the inadequacies that accompany major changes
  • Understand employees person experience fear and anxiety from increased work loads and higher performance expectation
  • Understand that losses may involve the severing of a relationship with trusted co-workers and loss of a level of comfort and familiarity
  • Employees examine personal issues: potential geographical transfer, loss of a home, personal friendship, status in the community
  • Engage in open and emphatic communication during the entire change process
  • Listen closely, carefully and intently to the distress the worker feels
  • Be aware that some workers may suppress their emotions
  • Identify and acknowledge the feelings of employees, and allow them to communicate these feelings
  • Compensate the employees for their losses, such as offer training and education classes to gain new skills, or outplacement services


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