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Change Mangement Process


1.Clarifying the Role of Change Leader
  • What are the proven competencies of experienced change leaders
  • How do I benchmark myself relative to those standards?
  •  How do my peers, manager, and stakeholders benchmark my performance relative to those standards?
  •  What's a realistic development plan for ongoing improvement?
2.Identifying Strategic Business Goals
  • What does a normal change process look like?
  • How do I identify the most urgent business needs?
  • What is the cultural readiness for change?
  • What is driving my change direction? Is it the same as my change target?
3.Developing an Implementation Plan
  • Where's the best place to begin implementing change?
  • How do I leverage needs into strategic initiatives?
  • How do I contract for win/win outcomes?
  • How do I build an implementation team for momentum?


4.Getting Real Buy-in from Customers and Stakeholders
  • How can I tell if stakeholders are really engaged?
  • What's critical mass and how do I get there?
  • What about key people who say they are really bought-in but their behavior says otherwise?
  • What do I do about challengers and outlyers?


5.De-escalating and Depersonalizing Resistance
  • What is resistance?
  • Why does it happen?
  • Is it preventable?
  • What's normal resistance?
  • How do I know if we're stuck and what can I do about it?


6.Coaching Key Decision Makers
  • What if first, second, and third attempts don't work?
  • Is there one best coaching model?
  • What if this person doesn't really want coaching?
  • What if I really don't agree or like a person's viewpoint?
  • When is enough enough?


7.Working Across Boundaries
  • How do I get cohesion when people are scattered and at different levels of commitment?
  • How do I keep my own stress and burnout down?
  • What are the best ways to keep communication flowing in a globally distributed workforce?


8.Building Capacity to Sustain Change
  • What does it take to build capacity to sustain change?
  • How can people get trained when they are too busy?
  • What tools do teams and project leaders really need to get the job done?


9.Practicing Self-Reflection
  • Why are you a better fit with some customers than others?
  • How can you expand your flexibility and comfort?
  • Do you operate the same under stress?









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