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Consulting Code of Ethics

Responsibilities to the Client

Due Care: A member shall act in the best interest of the client, providing professional services with integrity, objectivity, and independence.

A member shall not encourage unrealistic client expectations.

Business Development: A member shall not adopt any method of obtaining business that detracts from the professional image of the Institute or its members.

Competence: A member shall accept only those assignments that the member has the knowledge and skill to perform.

Informed Client: A member shall, before accepting an assignment, reach a mutual understanding with the client as to the assignment objectives, scope, workplan, and costs.

Fee Arrangement: A member shall establish fee arrangements with a client in advance of any substantive work and shall inform all relevant parties when such arrangements may impair or may be seen to impair the objectivity or independence of the member.

A member shall not enter into fee arrangements which have the potential to compromise the member's integrity or the quality of services rendered.

Conflict: A member shall avoid acting simultaneously for two or more clients in potentially conflicting situations without informing all parties in advance and securing their agreement to the arrangement.

A member shall inform a client of any interest that may impair or may be seen to impair professional judgment.

A member shall not take advantage of a client relationship by encouraging, unless by way of an advertisement, an employee of that client to consider alternate employment without prior discussion with the client.

Confidentiality: A member shall treat all client information as confidential.

Objectivity: A member shall refrain from serving a client under terms or conditions that impair independence and a member shall reserve the right to withdraw from the assignment if such becomes the case.

~ Canadian Association of Management Consultants


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