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Management Consulting Services

Dark Horse Strategies is a management consulting firm specializing in providing Canadian and U.S. organizations with successful strategies and tools to actively increase their market size and market share through planning, development, problem solving, and implementation of sensible business and operational solutions for concrete results.

Our strategic planning consulting services offer clients a long-range view into the future of their businesses. From idea generation through to implementation and monitoring of progress, we assist companies in developing a clear vision of where the business needs to go this coming year, in the next five years and beyond.

A company's strength is its people. No strategic plan, business plan nor marketing plan can be successfully designed and implemented without the understanding and commitment of the humans involved. Our human services consulting practice provides managers, employees and executives with the tools and strategies they need to ensure the execution of their company's goals and objectives.

Let Dark Horse Strategies help you make your next move! 

Interpersonal communications, time management, career management, leadership development and job performance skills are critical for each and every member of the company. As we move through the 21st century, the levels at which employees perform these skills and demonstrate their abilities in these areas will separate the successful, productive and profitable firms from the competition.

Executive, individual and corporate coaching will help your company identify leaders, develop managers and employees, focus on results, align your people you’re your corporate strategy, and help your key resource, your team, maintain balanced work/family lives.

No organization can expect to grow without change. Change management is essential in assisting your people to make the necessary moves to be effective and efficient in the global economy.

We have designed, managed and implemented many marketing and strategy programs for public and private sector organizations. As well, we work with businesses to develop business plans that facilitate growth and maximize new business opportunities. With over 20 years experience, Dark Horse Strategies' team provides clients with the benefits of a unique blend of expertise:

  • private
  • public
  • government
  • not-for-profit
  • non-profit
  • small business
  • large corporate
  • national and multi-national business
  • professional consulting practice

Why Dark Horse Strategies should be your consultant

  • Broad industry experience: our people come from a variety of senior positions in several industries and have served as consultants in many more. For a list of the industries we serve, click here.
  • Comprehensive, focussed, integrated approach: many organizations prepare a business plan as a one-time document to solve (or salve) problems or pressures. Dark Horse Strategies works in a systematic fashion with your organization to develop a planning process that fully includes your budgeting cycle, a critical factor many businesses ignore. We involve your people at all levels in the evaluation of the current circumstances and developing plans. We work closely with your senior management to include your employees in the planning process. It is critical that your people “own” the planning process and are well positioned to carry it forward from the development of the initial business plan document.
  • Commitment: beyond simply providing you with a paper document, Dark Horse Strategies will teach your people to review and revise your organization’s business plan on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis. We provide on-going support to fully implement the actions needed for your organization to achieve its goals and financial targets.
  • Professionalism: while Dark Horse Strategies can become intimately involved in your organization’s daily life during the course of a business planning project, we guarantee to maintain our professionalism at all times.
  • Full Service Offering: Dark Horse Strategies offers Entrepreneur and Executive Coaching services, including leadership and management development assessments and plans, to assist our client’s in leading the transition facing their organizations as they reach for stretch goals.
  • Horsepower: (pun intended!) Dark Horse Strategies can perform all of the services for you in a more effective and efficient manner than you and your employees ever could. We are trained, educated, and fired-up; and we do this for a living every day. This benefits you because we can ask the tough questions, achieve results more quickly, and follow through without interference or distraction. We help you develop your business plan, allowing your people to do what they do best — work with your clients.


Dark Horse Strategies will help you reach your business goals at least cost to you. Contact us at to explore how our consultants can serve your business.


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