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Leadership and Executive Development

When do you need these services?

  • Implementing a new strategy and need different or more highly developed leadership competencies
  • Not getting desired business results
  • High turnover

"The best leaders of all, the people know not they exist. They turn to each other and say We did it ourselves." Zen Saying

Dark Horse Strategies can improve the ability of your executive and management leadership to produce results through your most important asset, your people. We bring solid assessment tools, business experience and advanced training as a coach to work with your leaders.

Specifically, we can provide:

Customized 360 degree assessment tool, feedback and executive coaching.

To ensure that competencies are linked to key business strategies and your managers are effectively producing results

Individualized, tailored research-based developmental plans and coaching for managers.

To ensure that leaders have identified competencies needed for current and future job success

A process to identify and develop the organizational capabilities and leadership competencies needed to implement strategic plans

To ensure that leaders are focused on the right behaviors for needed results

A process to assess the learning effectiveness of work units and teams as well as their ability to implement work processes and respond to customer needs

To ensure that teams are performing at their highest level possible

A process to assess the key behaviors and mindsets necessary to lead change management efforts

To ensure that leaders are able to effectively lead through change.

A process to assess the difficulty level of organizational change efforts and the gap between the desired and ideal


To ensure that your change management plans reflect the actual reality of current factors that will enable or hinder your change efforts.

Myers Briggs Personality Inventory


To ensure your leadership maximizes their strengths to work effectively together.

Customized processes to assess the effectiveness of your leadership or sales force.

To ensure that your leadership and development efforts are focused on producing the bottom-line results that you need.




Dark Horse Strategies will help you reach your business goals at least cost to you. Contact us at to explore how our consultants can serve your business.



Executive Coaching



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