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Organizational Change Readiness Score Card

To determine whether or not you might benefit from consulting help, score yourself as objectively as possible using the following assessment.

Score yourself from 1 to 7 on each statement. Give yourself and your organization a 7 if it is something that you execute flawlessly. Give yourself a 1 if it is something that you do not do or are notoriously poor at.

   12 3 45 6 7
1.We have a very clear assessment of the likelihood of success with this change.  
2.We have a very compelling business case for change which has been broadly communicated and accepted.  
3.Our business case for change has been broadly communicated and accepted.  
4.We have a clear vision of the future state and leadership commitment to that vision.  
5.We have clear metrics for measuring the results of our change initiative.  
6.We have a change management plan that integrates the process, technology and people aspects of the change and allows for course correction.  
7.Our organizational leaders visibly demonstrate commitment to the change in both their words and behaviors.  
8.Our organizational leaders are clear about the leadership behaviors they need to be successful and are actively working to perform more effectively.  
9.We have analyzed all of the possible people impacts and have a plan to address them.  
10.Our organizational culture is compatible with the norms and behaviors needed for success in the future state.  
11.Our organization design supports the new strategy.  
12.Our work processes and systems support the future state.  
13.Our space facilities, technology and financial assets support the future state.  
14.Our employees have the skills and behaviors needed for success in the future state.  
15.Our system of measures and rewards holds people accountable for new behaviors.  
16.Our internal stakeholders are aligned with our future state.  
17.Our customers and suppliers are aligned with our future state.  

Your Score



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