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Strategic Planning

What Strategic Planning Does for Your Firm

  • Asks and answers the tough questions for your firm, and prioritizes your issues. Our management audit process reveals your firm's strengths and weaknesses, and identifies the opportunities and threats facing it. The process isn't designed to be easy, but it forces you to focus on the real issues. We help you identify and prioritize these issues, then work through them.
  • Allows your firm to envision its future. The planning process pushes your firm to establish its future, anticipate alternative scenarios, and develop a roadmap to determine where your company is heading and how it will get there.
  • Provides a basis for your decision-making. Knowing your firm's destination helps everyone make better-informed decisions. Planning ensures that short-term decisions are made consistently with long-term goals. It lets your firm channel its limited resources to the most important areas, not just respond to the "squeaky wheel" of the moment.
  • Forces your firm to set goals and targets, and measures your performance. Setting demanding, attainable objectives and working toward them points out your firm's strongest and weakest performing parts.

  • Opens channels of communications among management, and between your management and staff. We hear a lot about poor communications. Developing your strategic business plan provides a great opportunity for your firm's management to communicate something truly important to your staff. The planning process also builds a stronger bond among your firm's planning team who participate in the strategy retreat.
  • Develops your firm's upcoming leaders. Ownership and leadership transition are some of the most common reasons for firms to develop strategic business plans. Building a plan together gives your firm's next generation of leaders an opportunity to participate in the process, allowing the cream to rise to the top, and generating a feeling of ownership. It also spotlights any deadwood that's been a drag on your performance.
  • Motivates the staff with a clear picture of the firm's direction and future. Everybody is more committed and performs better when they understand where your firm is going, and why.


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