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Knowledge Management Books

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The following reading list is provided for your convenience along with the opportunity to purchase these books through the Amazon Web sites. Titles in Canadian currency are represented by the Canadian flag, while titles in American currency are represented by the American flag.

You may be encouraged to read certain books at different stages of the consulting process.

Buy at Amazon Canada The Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management
Designed to aid managers master specific topics, the books in this series cover a number of aspects of business in the late-20th century. This text deals with knowledge management.
Buy at The Harvard Business Review on Knowledge Management
Buy at Amazon Canada Knowledge Management Fieldbook
Knowledge management is one of the big ideas of the moment. In essence the idea is simple--all organizations have a wealth of information (both from inside and outside) at their disposal, yet few make the most of it. Moreover successfully using information is one of the key differentiators of successful companies.
Buy at Knowledge Management Fieldbook
Buy at Amazon Canada Managing Knowledge 
Managing Knowledge is a new and vital skill for corporations. In the information economy, the organization that knows the most about itself and its business is best positioned for success. But, how do you begin to implement a knowledge management strategy? How can you get started making better use of your organizations data, information, and knowledge? Managing Knowledge is the first practical guide to applying the theories and reaping the benefits of knowledge management.
Buy at Managing Knowledge
Buy at Amazon Canada Working Knowledge
This influential book established the enduring vocabulary and concepts in the field of Knowledge Management. It provides practical advice about implementing a knowledge management system. Before you start any knowledge management program, invest the time and read this book.
Buy at Working Knowledge

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